I create exotic, luxurious, sensual, serving dishes for the special occasions in our lives, the times when we rise above our daily grind, leave behind the mundane and pedestrian, and bathe in the glow of beauty, friendship and conviviality.
Kochevet Bendavid

Kochevet Bendavid has extensive experience of teaching ceramics at all levels of Further, Adult and Higher Education, including Masters. At the acclaimed ceramics course at Harrow College of Higher Education, she received a high quality vocational training which provided her with a sound grounding for her career. Since 1986, she has been running her own pottery workshop, designing, making, exhibiting and selling fine tableware, and she is practised in all aspects of running a pottery business. Kochevet is a highly skilled thrower. For fifteen years, she produced a wide range of thrown tableware, working first with stoneware, then with porcelain. She has developed a range of bright coloured slips for high temperature firings and is knowledgeable in slip decorating techniques such as brushing, trailing, sgrafitto, inlay and paper and wax-resist.

In 2001, Kochevet returned to education in order to refresh and update her philosophy and practice. During her MA studies at the Royal College of Art, Kochevet continued to explore the area of tableware which has always been at the centre of her concerns. She experimented with adding paper fibre to the porcelain body and developed a new way of working with porcelain, combining a variety of construction techniques to make complex forms and create sumptuous and opulent serving dishes. Systematic research into glazes led to the development of a range of rich, fluid, colourful glazes with which to adorn them.

Her BA studies in English Literature and History of Art have equipped her with the tools to analyse, understand, articulate and communicate philosophical ideas and artistic concepts. In 1996 she collaborated with Ronald Pile, formerly of Primavera, Cambridge and co-curated the exhibition "Dining Rites", which aimed to promote the cause of handmade tableware. She helped to collate the catalogue and contributed an essay to it. Alongside her making, Kochevet also writes about ceramics, most recently the article "Dinner Party Politics" (2005, Ceramic Review 216), and in 2003 was awarded a distinction for her MA dissertation "Feeding the Hungry Soul".

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art, Kochevet continues to develop her range of ceremonial serving dishes and to teach part time in the Adult Education sector. She has participated in several exhibitions and is preparing for a group show in Contemporary Ceramics in April, and a one-woman show next August (see Exhibitions page). Kochevet was awarded the Crafts Council Development Award and was commissioned to make work for its permanent collection.